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    We Help Professionals like you build career

    Career Assistance & Skills Coaching

    Good jobs are everywhere but are only available for skilled professionals.

    GLOBAL MARINE CONSULTANT LTD have assigned professionals to help you build a solid career
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    All round safety in your work environment

    Safety Consultancy / Equipment Maintenance & Singnage Installation

    Consult us to establish effective working safety systems for your firm; we also make sure your safety equipment are standard and well serviced.
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    General Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Course.

    This course introduces students to HSE General and certifies them as HSE competent. After this course students will obtain the HSE General certificate.
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    ICT Consultancy

    Quality and Affordable ICT Solutions

    We Offer consultancy services to organizations, helping you to reduce operational cost while increasing profitability through our workable solutions and training services +234 845 56668